Just an ordinary person, made extraordinary by God’s grace. 26 years of age. Under the impression that time flies too fast, and partially wish to not grow up. Alternates between a life as a curious engineer and a hungry artist with bursting creativity.

Felt compelled to share his findings, observations, notes, and discoveries he has gathered down his path.

Fascinated with words. Fond of philosophical matters. Wild, unrestricted idea generation. Emotions and mysteries of life. When not out there in the field tinkering with instruments on a gas plant in some remote island, he can most certainly be found in his, all laid back and stuff in the breezy part of the gorgeous city of Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

*Side note : needs a lot of time to be all by himself to recharge, enjoys deep conversations about ideas and feelings.


May these strands of thoughts find their way to whomever they concern.


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